My name is Jalisa, I’m 16 yrs old. I love to praise God! When I graduate I would love to do culinary arts & become a chef. I enjoy flagging at church, babysitting & being with family & friends! I’m also a very loving , helping & very trustworthy towards whoever I meet!




Heyo! Christian is the name, Basketball and Baseball are the games! I am 12 years young and recently joined Fusion Youth. I have 2 brothers, 1 sister-in-law, 2 nieces and a nephew.  I go to Portersville Christian School and am in 7th grade as of the 2015-2016 school year. I am called to be in the entertainment mountain and play in the NBA for God! I have been a member of Jubilee Ministries my whole life because my father is the Pastor of the church. I am an Usher/Greeter, an Armor Bearer and help with collecting the tithes and offerings. Thank you for letting me be part of Fusion Youth! OORAH!


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Victoria Johnson

Hey! My name is Victoria, though some people just call me Tori. I’m 18 years young, soon to be 19. I’m a sophomore at Edinboro University and I am currently studying political science. After graduating from Edinboro, I plan on attending Columbia University in New York to study law. I am called to the government mountain and I intend to take it by storm. My ultimate goal for the future is to be the very first woman Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. I have been a part of the Jubilee family for about 11 years now and I am on our Flag Team as well as our dance team, Extreme Revolution. I love spending time with my best friends who, it so happens, are on the Flag Team as well. Being a part of Fusion Youth for the past 5 years has meant the world to me. Pastor Mason and his wife Abigail are so dedicated to our success and they do so much for all of us. So, I hope you enjoyed this small peek into my life!

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Josh Rupert

Greetings! My name is Josh Rupert, I am 14 years old and in 8th Grade at the New Castle Christian Academy. I love to hang out and talk with my family and my Church family. I can be an occasional comedian especially around my friends and family. My preferred animal is a dog, my favorite color is blue, my favorite food is Chicken Parmesan, and my hobbies are to tinker with electronics and play video games with my best buds. I am called to the technology/media mountain. I’ve been attending Jubilee Ministries for six years now and serving on the Lifeline Media Team. I enjoy working with the media team because it provides many creative ways to reach out to others with God. I love coming to Fusion Youth, it’s just an amazing experience!  Pastor Mason, he is absolutely an outstanding Pastor! He teaches us about what God has in store for us, and how to follow him and have an intimate relationship with God.

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BE Waters

My name is Brooke-Ellynne Waters and I am 13 years old (soon to be 14!) and currently in 8th grade.  I run for my Jr. High Cross Country and Jr. High Track and Field teams at school.  I also participate in my Jr. High Dance-line squad. I love hanging out with my family, friends, and of course Fusion! I can be very silly and funny! I can make very good duck sounds! My favorite color is red. My favorite food is steak (medium-well). My favorite animals are dogs, cats, dolphins, hamsters, birds, and monkeys! My vision is to go to Gund Hall at Harvard University (an architecture college, rated #1 architecture school in the U.S). I’ve been attending Jubilee Ministries International for 7 years.  I enjoy being a member of the Flag and Banner team as part of the Praise and Worship team.  It has taught me to show healing and God over flag and praise, and not to show off as if it was a reality T.V show. Fusion to me means teenagers learning how to tell about God and leading others to show about God.  Fusion Youth is like my family, they love me, and I love them! They support me and I support them; they honor me and I honor them. Pastor Mason Angelo is a magnificent Pastor.  He teaches us what God’s Word has for us and that His Word is so faithful and very powerful!

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*Drawing by Brooke-Ellynne Waters*

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Jenna FSOM


My name is Jennifer Winslow and I am a senior in high school. I have been alive for 18 years and enjoy life to its fullest because let’s face it, it’s awesome! I hang out with family and friends. Going to the movies and buying socks and hats are my favorite things to do. My future plans include pursuing a doctorate after I graduate. Also, I want to travel and skydive! I’m very interested in writing and drawing. I love to be creative. JMI has been my home church for 10 years now and I’m very active in the dance team and flag team. Worshiping with flags includes hard work and dedication but is always fun and rewarding. Personally, if I could do flags and dance all day every day I would. My weekdays are filled with homework and studying sometimes. Fusion Youth is just like family to me. Pastor Mason teaches us the truth of the Word of God and how to apply it to our lives. I am grateful for his devotion to our success.

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Kyrizzle FSOM

My name is Kyreed Jordan and I am 16 years old (soon to be 17!) and I am a junior dance major at a performing arts high school.  My passion and favorite thing to do is dance. I have danced since I was 14, when I had a dream of dancing at a studio which happened to be real. Now I have excelled greatly and continue to work toward my dream at my school. I’ve played roles in High School Musical, White Christmas: The Musical, Alice in Wonderland: The Ballet, Peter & The Wolf: The Ballet, and The Nutcracker. and also choreographed and taken part in the choreography of several dances. I have a strong vision for the mountain of arts and entertainment. I plan on going to Julliard and moving on to Broadway, Hollywood and other great things to learn, perform, reform, and spread Jesus! At church, I express my worship and praise on the dance team and flag team. Outside of dancing, I love to sing, act, go buy stuff, and play video games! My favorite bible verse(s) is Romans 8:31-39 preferably the Message version. My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is food!

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