Audio Message Excerpts


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The following are sermon excerpts. Many of the full length messages that these were taken from can be purchased at the church media table or from our online store.


The Glorious Church
    1/22/2017 - God's Great 300
    1/15/2017 - The Benjamin Company
    1/8/2017 - His Name is His Nature

The Foot Company
    3/5/2017 - Slip Slidin' Away
    2/26/2017 - The Way
    2/19/2017 - Blessed Feet

Sacred Oil
    4/2/2017 - Power to Finish
    3/26/2017 - Destined to be Filled
    3/19/2017 - The Kingly Anointing
    3/12/2017 - Divine Insanity